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We have experience in all areas of coffee, including…


Specialising in coffee catering for major community events, sporting events, fetes and fairs. We arrive on site with fully operational coffee and milkshake bar, catered to your requirements. Call today on 1300 884 275.


Our Corporate Coffee Bar is a unique and specialised service, tailored to your requirements. Our professional barista will arrive onsite, fully equipped with a cafe quality coffee machine, ready to wait on your guests.


Chez Coffee Co has over 15 years experience servicing and repairing all major brands of commercial coffee machines. On-site repairs and contract servicing are carried out by our technician 7 days a week. Call today on 1300 884 275.


We purchased a commercial coffee machine, grinder and accessories from Chez Coffee Co, they also supply us with fresh quality coffee beans, along with anything else I need to produce great coffee. The staff and volunteers here at Kilkenny Primary School are very happy with Chez Coffee Co!

Tony has also held several Barista classes for our year seven students, they have been very popular, almost every eligible student has participated, and it’s been a great success.

As they are young adults, these work skills are vital, and even parents were very keen for their children to learn to be Baristas. The students at this age are very receptive and keen to learn.

Even Tony was surprised at how well they progressed in the fine art of making coffee.

We will be employing their services in an ongoing basis, as the Barista course is now a part of our Kitchen Garden Program, which younger students eagerly look forward to!

Kate Harbison

Kitchen Specialist, Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, Kilkenny Primary school